Riverside Fitness Studio

Build a New You


1 on 1 sessions Or 1 on 2 sessions

Option 1

Generally, Trainers work with clients 1 on 1, for a given number of sessions per week based on the clients goals and needs. This is the most clear cut and conventional option and its a good way to start out. I think there is high value in being help accountable and in teamwork. Therefor, I have expanded on this option to incorporate a 1 on 2 option. This option means that I will be working with you, and a partner during our sessions. This partner could be a spouse, or a friend or a family member. It helps you learn how to exercise with someone, and it makes things more cost efficient!

Group Training

Option 2

The second option is to participate in a group class. Classes will be held based on popularity and will generally be based around the goals of the individuals involved.